About The Kopi Trading Co.

Jessie & CS Hsia founded The Kopi Trading Co. in 2015.

Kopi's creation was the result of several trips to Indonesia, catalyzed with the shock that the Siblings Hsia had for once agreed on something — that Asian coffee was wholly underrated and could be brought to the market through a different, more curated approach. 

Since that time, the company's evolved quite a bit, so many pivots that could be considered a pirouette. However, our core vision remains the same: at the heart of it all is a desire to connect coffee lovers to Asian coffee and culture. 

All's to say, The Kopi Trading Co. is Asian Craft Coffee.

Everyday, we are building the links to connect the coffee we love with the people who want to have it with. And it is exactly that sentiment that pushes us forward. This is our journey, led by the incomparable scent of coffee and we, a veritable Momotaro of beans, along the way have joined forces with like-minded pioneers. Together, we lay the groundwork, creating a path from the farmers in Asia — to our trusted roaster — to you.

The Team

Starting with CS & Jessie, Kopi quickly grew to include food nut graphic designer Monique, caffeinated sales lead Hannah, energized brand development associate Carter and master customer wrangler Molly. 

The team can be found most days abuzz in NYC, discovering ways to bring Kopi closer to you!