The Story

Following that fateful trip to Indonesia in 2015, brother and sister team CS and Jessie started The Kopi Trading Company, created to bring Asian coffee and culture to a broader audience. At the heart of it all is a carefully curated coffee program showcasing the best beans across the region. In three years, our team has consistently molted into new and better versions of our initial vision. It has been a real privilege to work with coffee as our first venture, a brew known to bring people together, unearth new ideas and spark revolutions.

The Team

Starting with CS & Jessie, Kopi quickly grew to include food nut graphic designer Monique, caffeinated sales lead Hannah, energized brand development associate Carter and master customer wrangler marketing associate Molly.

At the heart of the Kopi story are the beans. Coffees from the tropical regions of Asia are some of the most classic and balanced in the world, yet are often overlooked in craft portfolios. Through a combination of rigorous sourcing practices and expert roasting, we bring you the best of what Asia's beans have to offer, rich in flavor and narratives.

Kopi is motivated to bring to market coffees that are sourced with heart, operating with a focus on traceability, transparency and accountability.  We are working everyday to form a link in a chain of responsible sourcing from Asia to you.