Fish Bowl: Pitching Kopi to a Panel

For the four years at Stern I had mixed feelings about being a business student. We had a questionable reputation among the bright eye bushy tailed crowd on the general NYU campus, and many of us earned it. Only a few semesters in, we were suited up and declared ourselves too good for sweats - all that made us was uncomfortable.

A few years later now, I've made peace with being a Wall Street feeder. I wasn't free willed enough to avoid the cubicle life, but at least it was a bandaid I tore off with gusto. With a burst of naïveté, I handed in my two weeks notice and embraced a different kind of insanity, diving straight into the strange world that housed Kopi.

In this new world schema, I was anybody and everybody: the roaster, the brewer, the bean picker upper. Soon, however, I would find myself in familiar role. This week, I am going to town on some PowerPoint (oops... I meant Keynote, how renegade!) slides.

Thanks to the good folks at the Entrepreneur Center - Kopi will be joining the Fish Bowl pitch competition. This delightfully named event is happening this Wednesday (4/8) from 6:00 - 9:00pm. It's out in Long Island, but swing by to check it out!

Having hopefully grown out of the "penguin hands" presentation style I had in my college days, I am looking forward to this Wednesday. Clicker in hand, rusty gestures on display, I will send up a silent prayer to the powers that be: may our formatting keep consistent and our typos go missed by all.

Here goes nothing!