Switching Over to Black


It’s summer!
This usually comes with the deluge of suggestions for how to get the “ideal bikini body”, or “how to lose weight fast!”.
One of the best ways to lose weight and start being healthier is to start drinking black coffee as opposed to regular coffee with milk and sugar. Not only is it refreshing in a different way from how cream and sugared coffee is, but it also comes with a whole host of health benefits!

But how do you start? Here are a couple of ideas for anyone wanting to switch over to actually enjoying a pitch black cup of joe!

  1. Try iced coffee: For whatever reason, having that a refreshingly cold beverage actually hit you in the hot summer sun is a perfect way to really start transitioning over to a black cup. Many people have found a ton of success simply by pouring their black coffees over a cup of ice - try it to see how refreshingly smooth it can be! 
  2. Aim for medium roast coffee beans, preferably from higher altitudes: Not only does the higher altitude allow for slightly sweeter (overall) beans, the medium roast will allow for less bitterness, and to top it all off, it has the best balance between the natural acidity of the bean as well as the body that generally gets introduced by the roasting process.
  3. When it doubt, cold brew it!: Due to the process of cold brewing coffees, the entire process overall allows for a much smoother flavor that is less harsh than your typical drip or iced brew. In its proper dilution ratios, the ready to drink variants will be mellow, without any of the harshness typically associated with black coffee. 

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