Letters from Kopi: Conquering the Last Mile

At Kopi, we’ve constantly puzzled over a key perennial question: how do we get our brew to you?

 As business school munchkins, Hannah and I are familiar with the struggle of conquering the last mile - bridging the gap between your shopping cart and your home. It’s not a problem then I thought I’d deal with, but things have a funny way of coming back to you.

Since pouring over case studies of the dot com era, things around have changed. Amazon, FreshDirect, Blue Apron have thrashed the problem at hand. But Kopi hasn’t grown up all the way yet, and this was still a very real problem for us. Our Cold Brew line is chubby with water weight and requires an ice-packed environment, meaning that to make it to you, it needs royal FedEx treatment: ice packed and overnight.

The burden of weight is a burden on our consumers - and we wanted to find a way to deliver Kopi in its simplest form.  

If the problem we faced was water we would remove it from the equation.

Cold Brew - Water = Coffee Beans

It was as though we had to walk backward to walk forward. Our first products had been beans, but at the time, we were too green to bring them to market. However, we also wanted to shorten the path from bean to brew - our customers were busy folks with NYC kitchens - beans somehow didn’t cut it.  

Cold Brew = Coffee Beans + Water + Time + Work (Grind + Clean)

We hardly have the power to manipulate your time, except to hope you find us on a shelf where our products have our time embedded. However, we could do the work for you - we therefore starting to develop our steeping pods.

Cold Brew Pod = Ground Coffee + Filter

Cold Brew Pod + Water + Time = Cold Brew

With the answer in hand, the team is full steam ahead on pods. In the next few weeks, we’ll open up our process from across the Kopi team. No day is ever the same at Kopi.