March Madness

Every March, the slow (well, not anymore at least) end of winter seems to herald a rush of madness all across the United States as people gather together to celebrate what is now the most popular sporting event in the States, after the Super Bowl, with millions watching (and betting!) on the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness. 

Don’t just be a spectator this March Madness though – come out, enjoy the warm weather and actually play the sport! The original point of basketball as a sport was always meant to be both an “athletic distraction” as well as a means of keeping in shape, so the best way to pay tribute to this event would be to go outdoors or into a nice court and work up a sweat. 

Here's where your coffee habit can give you a competitive edge - helping score a point (or three!) over your friends. If drunk an hour prior to the match, one or two cups of pure black coffee can increase your endurance with its usual stimulant super powers, as well as improve resistance to fatigue by "glycogen sparing," a mechanism that keeping your muscles going. In fact, it may also prove to combat lactic acid build up, protecting you from the intensity of the burn. 

So go out there, and take a Kopi with you as you enjoy a nice game of ball with your friends!