2015 Kopi Sourcing Trip Part - The Wrath of Raung (3 of 3)

So the coffee and plantation part of the trip might be over, but the adventure continues.

After a morning traversing the world famous Kuta Beach, because a trip to Bali cannot be complete without getting your feet wet in the ocean, I was ready to head back to the hotel for a quick shuttle ride to the airport. From the southern tip of the beach, I could see Garuda Indonesia flights landing. Good weather, bright skies, it was time to go home.


As the shuttle approached the recently renovated Ngurah Rai airport (quite a spectacular building), something looked odd. There were far too many people sitting on the ground, and too many camera phones snapping away at the display boards.


Earlier during the day Australia cancelled all flights to Bali because of the Mount Raung's dust cloud, apparently at noon Bali authorities decided to close the airport. Chaos in the departure hall ensued. If I didn't get to take off, a typhoon near Taiwan could really mess up the upcoming travel plans.

Word on the street, I mean building, was that at 6PM the government will make another decision. At the time we should wait, and enjoy the free bottled water and musical performance. Then at 3:30, the sign blocking the check-in counters mysteriously disappeared. The airport was open, it was time to move.

As the crowd hurried towards the departure gates, hoping that Raung stays quiet for a few more hours, our plane (initially diverted to Surabaya) showed up and took us away.

Thanks Indonesia for the hospitality and wonderful coffee, till next time.