Kopi Coffee for Education

We are happy to announce today that Kopi is kicking off a Summer fundraising campaign for The World is Just a Book Away (WIJABA), helping the organization grow its “Roots + Shoots” program in Sidoarjo, Sumatra!  

Your donations not only help buy books and grow the program, it can earn you coffee and cuppings! Find out more at: kopiforwijaba.causevox.com!

We planted the seeds of this partnership at the beginning of this year. At that time, Kopi had moved on from its infancy and entered what I can only describe as its awkward teens. We didn’t know yet what we wanted to grow up to be and grappled with angst and the vague ideas that business school had imprinted on its creator.

One of the facets of Kopi's identity that we wanted to mature was our social roots. This too made us bashful, for we were little and had littler still to offer. Nonetheless, we stumbled ahead with the same accidental boldness that had started it all in the first place. 

We soon came across WIJABA, an organization based in Santa Monica building libraries and educational programs in Mexico and Indonesia. In just the first conversations we felt warm and welcome - from California they had reached a hand over inviting us to join their journey. 

We decided on contributing to the "Roots + Shoots" Environmental Education program, an incarnation of Jane Goodall’s original concept adapted to the nuances of Indonesia’s regions. While Kopi was born inspired by Indonesia’s dynamic growth, we know this too to be the force plundering the country of its natural riches. 

With stories and lessons to connect the new generation to the natural community around them, Roots + Shoots will empower children to preserve the lush world in which they live. Join our campaign and help us help WIJABA make a difference in their lives.