The Beginning

CS and I are long suffering business partners and even longer suffering siblings.

Being 8 years apart, it was difficult for us to find things to do together. As the runt, I had to defer to my brother’s good taste in video games. I was a precocious partner for button mashing combos and ruined my eyesight in grade school. When he left for college, I was left without a World of Warcraft account to sponge off.

As we’ve aged, things got a bit more straightforward. Together, we created and championed Eat Big Apple, a leading food blog in New York. We learned to bond over chef’s tables and Michelin stars. Something of an improvement over the bygone days.

When our dad got posted to Indonesia, CS and I made separate, but similar trips to visit him. Immediately, we felt the country pulse with growth and opportunity. Better yet, it pulsed powered by caffeine. There was Civet coffee, a curious gift of nature and coincidence. Civet, no doubt a perpetually caffeinated creature, is credited with improving what were already fantastic beans—from Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi, Flores and beyond. The islands were many and our time there was short, but we knew we had found something to build upon as team; something that would energize us.

Kopi Trading Co. was born from this ever growing collaboration between my brother and me. It embodies the quirky dynamic of our family. It reflects the coffee heritage of Indonesia in its single-origin delivery roasted to balance flavor and acidity. It is our aesthetic, our vision, and our belief that Indonesian coffee deserves a coveted space in your pantry.

With over 17,000 islands this is only the beginning.