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Asia is a powerhouse of coffee history and culture. And yet, take a coffee lover off the street and be amazed by how little is known about this region. Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand - all these are lost in the mix, despite producing much of the world's bean crop. 

This realization is at the heart of our mission. We are on a journey to introduce Asian Cold Brew to a broader audience, in NYC and beyond.  

Indonesia started it all. The 16th Century marked the beginning of coffee in Asia, when the Dutch brought the first crops to Indonesia and traded it to Japan. It was this trade route that created Cold Brew and we're here to continue that legacy,


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Kopi hit the market running and soon founders (and siblings) CS and Jessie began building a team to keep up with the fast paced growth. The Kopi Crew joined forces with business partners Monique Gonzales and Hannah Lee, as well as in-house artist Natalia Lemus.

The team can be found most days abuzz in Brooklyn, discovering ways to bring Kopi closer to you!