Kopi on the menu

Coffee has become a cornerstone of modern life.  

The days of good-enough coffee have long since passed. In its place, craft coffee, a move from commodity to artisanal product. There is now one more thing to get perfect for your customers to be happy.

Kopi is here to serve as your guide and tactical team to make this transition happen. 

First, we want to get to know your menu — really get to know it. What are the tasting notes that work with your dessert? How can coffee service add a new or nostalgic touch to your meal? Does coffee with an alcoholic buzz round out the cocktail menu? 

From there, we’ll work alongside our roasters to source a distinct coffee that fits the bill. Whether its a rich chocolate toned Papua or a fruity take on a Sumatra, we can help you unlock more from your beverage menu. 

And we continue onward, keeping on with the collaborative process. We'll work with you season to season on quality and to update coffee's role in your cafe or restaurant. Look forward to many many cups of coffee with us — getting coffee just right is a delicious process that we're happy to say, never quite ends.