Kopi Cold Brew

The simple magic of beans to concentrate to ready drink!

The simple magic of beans to concentrate to ready drink!

Beans to Brew!

A practice in patience, Cold Brew is a method that builds body and texture while taming acidity. Our creations might change seasonally, but generally pair a flavorful multidimensional coffee like Sulawesi or Bali with a powerhouse like Sumatra. Try your own favorites for your own signature profile. 


Grind the coffee to a coarse grind, akin to what you would use for a French Press, then transfer the coffee to a container (with a lid of course!). 


Add cold filtered water to the coffee. The optimal ratios may differ per your taste and coffee selection, but we suggest a around a cup of water per every ounce. 


Wait for 12-20 hours. On either end of the spectrum you might under or oversaturate, so keep that in mind while you go about your day!


Strain mixture with a filter of your choice. If your grind level was coarse enough, this should prove fairly easy. Using a French Press might also minimize your mess as you simply take advantage of the plunger! 


The result is a coffee concentrate! Enjoy it as a strong brew or add water, ice, milk to taste. Keep refrigerated for up to 2-3 weeks.