Following the Footsteps


At Kopi, we approach sourcing with the spirit of a student — curious and caffeinated. Bringing coffee from one end of the world to another is a business with history and titans, and at Kopi we are humbled and energized by this legacy.

We therefore set off on a journey, led by the incomparable scent of coffee. A veritable Momotaro of beans, along the way we joined forces with like-minded pioneers who would help us lay the groundwork for a path from the farmers in Asia — to our trusted roaster — to you.

The result is a spotlight on Asian coffee unlike any other on the market, a focus that we sharpen with love, snafus, friends, and lots and lots of coffee.

Unity Logo.jpg

We met the Unity team early in our coffee story, learning the building blocks of cupping and roasting from founder Adam, and later Tyler and Sean. While Kopi’s own Jessie continues to be a one-roast pony, the Kopi team’s deepened appreciation for coffee’s every step was seeded just a few years ago in a windowless Brooklyn roastery.

When Unity formed their independent roasting operation, focused on the highest levels of traceability, we knew that our team wouldn’t be complete without them. Kopi’s partnership with Unity is a highlight of our start-up life — they work with us to find the very best coffees, trace its pathways to us, unlock the possibilities with every roast, and ask the questions that push us further.

C2C Logo.jpg

Moving back along the supply chain moved us forward in our story. As we continued our evolution, we soon met with the Crop to Cup crew, their business built on the local connections they established across the world’s coffee growing regions. Starting this partnership has pushed us out of our haphazardly built ivory tower — guiding us to understand the formation of cooperatives, the reinvestment in local areas, and the economics of coffee processing and transport.

While we build Kopi up in New York, Crop to Cup has opened doors for us across the world to origins like Papua New Guinea and Sumatra. All that’s left is to take you with us as we journey on.