Direct From the Source


At the heart of the Kopi story are the beans. Coffees from the tropical regions of Asia are some of the most classic and balanced in the world, yet are often overlooked in craft portfolios. Through a combination of rigorous sourcing practices and expert roasting, we bring you the best of what Asia's beans have to offer, rich in flavor and narratives.

Kopi is motivated to bring to market coffees that are sourced with heart, operating with a focus on traceability, transparency and accountability.  We are working everyday to form a link in a chain of responsible sourcing from Asia to you.

The small team that created Kopi did so to join a network of passionate doers and makers across the globe  — and this is at the heart of our small business:

working with people that we trust, bringing to you coffee that we love


Current Offerings

Below is our seasonal portfolio, roasted in Brooklyn and grown by trusted partners in Southeast Asia. To learn more about our sourcing philosophy, read about the steps we take to bring coffee — from green to brew — to you. 


Suwan Maimafu
Notes of Honey, Chocolate, Graham Cracker


Lintong Batak Nauli
Notes of Mango, Guava, Red Bell Pepper


Looking for a different kind of cup? Contact us at to craft your coffee menu with us!